Monday, November 17, 2008

SC Priest: No communion for Obama supporters

Thanks to Mick Gallagher.


But if you voted for more of the same, more wars, more serial warcriminals, more looting of the treasury, more crony capitalism, more hate, fear, and lies, you can have this lil Vanilla Wafer that, really is "The Christ." Well, first of all, that's cannibalism. Wait a all other good human beings, who can't partake in that weekly ritual, meant for power & control,then, those people are not worthy?

They are not close to Mother-Father God? [She/He is] the creator of all. [Are they really alienated from] the universe, the cosmos? Nonsense, total nonsense. And so is some old priest for trying to use that as a cosmic 2 by 4 over the heads of "believers." Believers in what? The church? Or true Christianity? Would Jesus say sumthin that friggin stupid? No; he would probably deny the faux churches that support charlatans, and condemn the very impostors that chastise the lost, scared flock.

This is why I could care less if I ever set foot in another Catholic church. Sorry if your offended. I'm highly offended by these "satanic" [fearbased] gestures of the lessor god of self.

Gandhi had it right: "In Heaven there's No Religion," thank God!

I think that everybody who voted with her higher Godconscience should quit going and putting her money in the the li'l' basket; so what if they list you at the end of the year with a big fat zero?! [That is simply] more shame and blame. My God is bigger than that! The great Spirit within & without knows what I do, what I give. I am not filling out any form to shame me into giving to that huge Goldmine in Rome!!
[To that Church, I say:] Take care of your Nuns 1st... And maybe let your Men marry then become Priests! Seems a lil more natural, don't ya think.

And one more thing: The Church doesn't seem to speak too loudly against the illegal, immoral, unconstitutional wars for oil and profits. Perhaps they're too afraid? Or they're getting a li'l' side cut, [being paid off].

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