Monday, November 03, 2008

Project K Update


Adamaria has some imperfections that prohibit her being a donor, as kidneys must be "bioperfect" before transplantation. Another friend, Sanndi, has very kindly and thoughtfully stepped in to the rescue! She has been tested, and is both hemocompatible (bloodtype) and histocompatible (tissue-compatible; our cells "play well together.":)

Besides Sandi, we have also been blessed with two friends in New England, Michelle and Debbie, and another, Chris from New York, has just been hemo-tested-- a perfect match, a-positive.

Right now, Sandi is beginning the series of tests which a potential donor must undergo. She has not yet really started, but has her first appointment with the nephrologist (kidney-specialist). Both she and the doc are taurus people, as was the first donor lo these many years ago! (Maybe that bodes well, but we will see; time will tell.)

Thanks for your continued interest, dear friend. At this moment (always changing), the operation itself will be after December.

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