Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Understanding the Cosmos


The world is a highly complex and interwoven place of so many currents that, at times, even the greatest mystics are bewildered by it all. To "uncross the t's" and "undot the i's" of the universe, to break everything down into comprehensible bits and pieces, is only one way of explaining the vastness and complexity of the cosmos. Another, equally valid, is by intuitive grasp. But even this process, as reliable as it can be, might be affected by wishes, expectations, and overlays. You simply cannot have any understanding without mind, but that very mind can alter things, so we are caught in a conundrum from which none of us is ever completely free, however objective we might truly want to be. So, we all live in a personal cosmos highly colored by the tints and hues of biology and background. In our many spectra of attempted explanations, we traverse many colors, some of them quite bright, and many beautiful.

In the final analysis, the most is also the best that we can do: Embrace the cosmos of our understanding, in Love, and live within the heavens and hells that we create within personal minds. (The more that we decide, and the more things and people, that we Love, the greater the heaven; and the more that we decide to hate, reject, or dislike, the greater is our interior hell.) And so, the cosmos ticks on, with mind penetrating every atom, interwoven with reality, being Reality Itself.

The great Wheel of Time has turned yet again, and Christmas again approaches. So, please allow me to be the very first to wish you a very happy Christmas; may the celebration of the Season of Love sink deeply within all of us, saturating and immersing us all in purest Love, making us both holy and healed.

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