Thursday, November 13, 2008

Doggie Death

Thousands of dogs and cats are killed each day, by essentially good people who really like, or even love, these little creatures. They simply reproduce too fast for their natural environments to be able to sustain them, so blame "nature," if you must.

Thanks for the article by the dog-killer who so hates his "terrible" job. You are right on target, my dear friend: I am tearing up after having read the piece about the death of the sweet dogs and cats. There is a little tiny bit of comfort in knowing that all living things must die, and in the belief, which is shared with the tormented writer, that all creatures go to a much better existence in the Mindworlds (Homeworld or heaven). Without this very sustaining belief, this earth could drive us mad with its injustices and unfairness. But all does find equilibrium in the infinite Mind of Love.

Thanks for this really thoughtprovoking article, despite its sadness. We are planning to publish it in the December 08 issue of Lovelight magazine, to alert our readers, many of whom are incurable cat- and dog-lovers, as I am also.

I always had a dog growing up, and having shared Love with these sweet little creatures was one of the first experiences of Love in this world. It is a treasure beyond computing, and I cannot believe that it all goes for naught, that all that great Love is simply wasted time. It is, instead, an investment in eternity, in everlasting friendship. For dogs live forever in Soul, and so do we.:):)

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