Thursday, July 10, 2008

Words and Solutions


It is possible for us to have too great a faith or belief in the power of words. And words can indeed be quite powerful. Since the beginning of time, mastersages and saintmystics have used the poor tool of words to express even the "Ineffable" (indescribable).

Words are poor tools for expressing the very best, such as a deep Love.
Even in the greatest poetic expression, the Indescribable greatly challenges the power of the word. Words are limited in expression.

Empathy or telepathy is a much more effective means of communication between or among sentient spiritual beings. Alas, we are no longer very good at telepathy, having lost this gift centuries ago. So, we are stuck with mere words.

Words can be both powerfully moving and profoundly touching.
Words are like musical notes: In the hands of a logophile, a true "lover of words," they can express an entire symphony, an orchestration, of rather complex ideas. They can move us to tears, or to jump up and shout for joy!

Noting this wordpower, we are tempted to think that words can solve all problems among all people, all the time. But they cannot; and there are several reasons for this: If people become upset, they often close themselves down to the use of words, so that words, no matter how sensitive or loving, no matter how expressive, never are allowed into their minds or hearts. These people allow anger and related emotions to seal them up into an impenetrable hell.

Besides, not all people are equally word-responsive.

Some people can "feel" the depths of words, and others cannot. Not everyone is equally word-sensitive. For some hearts are like ice, from which words simply "bounce off," like drops of rain, and nothing penetrates.

Words for this type of person do not solve problems, for words must be bilateral; they must be shared by both parties to a conflict before there is a solution. The sincere sharing of only one person, no matter how honest or heartfelt, cannot solve problems if her words are not accepted, heard, or read. Words, to be effective, must touch the hearts of both partners in any conflict. Only then can they work their wonderful magic.


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