Friday, July 18, 2008

Learning and Unlearning


One person simply cannot do "spiritual" (interior) work for another. As
in eating physical food, so each must "eat" her own personal "spiritual"

I can give you some "spiritual food." One series of "meals" that is
highly recommended is a book called Journey to the Center of the Soul:
Mysticism Made Simple
. It outlines the basics of the Way, for both
beginners and more advanced students. A companion book is Falling in
Love with Yourself: Love and the Inner Beloved
. If you wish to see
either or both books, just say the word. Please send your snailmail
address, so that we can send the book(s). But if you need this "food"
right away, these books can be read and/or downloaded, free of charge,
from the website

Anything that has been learned can be unlearned. For many, the very
first steps on the Way of Love are "unlearning" harmful, destructive,
antiagapic (counter to Love) images of God. So, it is highly recommended
that you begin to "consume healthy spiritual food." Along with this, be
sure to avoid religious "garbage" wrapped up in pretty paper.

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