Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Poorest People in the World


We are thrilled, excited and delighted, to report that our first and our second fundrives for the poorest people on our poor little planet have been successful, blessed by God (Love). We have gathered, from friends, buds, pals, students, clients, and neighbors, in our first collection, five hundred dollars; and we are truly blessed to report to you, dear efamily, that the second fundrive has also been a smashing success! We have collected another $500! This will, of course, be divided equally among Love Ministries of India, Love Ministries of Kenya, Love Ministries of Pakistan, Love Ministries of Tanzania, and Love Ministries of Uganda.
[We are still seeking donations, as small as three dollars.]

This note is simpply a friendly-- and, we hope, unintrusive-- note of thanks for those who so kindly, so generously, provided donations for our sisters and brothers, many of whom are on the verge of starvation, having lost home and hope due to the greed of warfare and commerce.

In our new effort, a new collection to continue the older one, the second round of donations, we have received the following:

Anonymous $200
Anonymous $110
Chris Finer $25
friend from Portsmouth, NH $25
Noel Harrison $40
lmiusa $25
Cathy Moulton-Posey $25
Teresa Ramsey $50
Total 072308: $500

Please be aware that your giving has resulted in blessings that are, and will be, everlasting, following you long after this tiny life!:) And again and again, thanks to you for this thoughtfulness towards strangers; every penny of your donations will go straight to the people in greatest need.

If you would like to contribute to this most worthy cause (We know of no greater need), please fill out a check to Love Ministries, and send to:

Love Ministries
5100 Liberty-Fairfield Rd.
Hamilton, OH 45011

Anything that you can spare is welcome. We are accepting donations of as little as three dollars.:)


the staff of Love Ministries USA

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