Thursday, July 10, 2008

Loving the Unloving


People become very unreasonable, and even hostile, when they allow their often overly sensitive feelings to be hurt. They often take everything personally. They tell themselves that "everything, every word, is about me." They suffer from a hideous Narcissism or selfinvolvement. This is egocentricity turned inward upon itself, and it makes them sick. If you have apologized-- and you have done this even in writing, via email-- there is nothing else that Love calls upon you to do; you have done the honorable thing.

Some people are simply so terribly insecure, suffering from nightmarishly low selfesteem, that they will not allow family or friends to be imperfect. But we are all imperfect human beings. We must all recognize this fact, and get on with our lives!:) It creates only hideous hell if we do not allow, and forgive, human imperfections.

But you dare not make an error in the presence of someone who has terribly low selfesteem, for she will take any error personally; and she will often go much further: She will distort and twist anything that you say into some kind of "personal attack." This is very sad, as it reveals the depth of her mental or emotional illness.

Anyone who responds this way to harmless or neutral statements is suffering from a deep and serious mental illness called "paranoia." You cannot cure her, or, at times, even reach her. For they close themselves off in an interior "hell" of their own making. They just will not allow anyone "into their heads." So, they must suffer in isolation.

Fortunately, this suffering will trigger growth and education, although those fine functions might not occur for years, or even in this life. In the meantime, we must simply put up with these people, who can be filled, and spoiled, with hatred and negativity.

So, let us, as the people of Love, live in fullest determination to exercise patience, kindness, and Love towards these sick people. For only Love can ever heal them.

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