Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Pneumarium Gathering and Distractions


You can bet that the lower nature and the general "busy-ness" of life will always, never fail to, present you with something "more important," or at least, more immediate, than the Pneumarium. It happens every time, to everyone. There are always at least twenty other things that we (Adamaria and I) could do around here on a Sunday. The only "solution" in this superhypermega busy world is the setting of priorities.

While we cannot be inflexible or unreasonable, the truth is simple:
There will always be "something else" that seems "more immediate" or "more necessary."

This is just how the world is constructed. It is made this way by the great Dreamermind to test our commitments. We and all our superfriends send our greetings and Love! We had more fun than a barrel of elephants!

We discussed at length our spiritual independence from all churches, organizations, human leaders, and human doctrines. At the end, we were all filled with laughter and the deep serenity and tranquility of Love.:):) We all missed your presence, and hope to "see" you on July 20!:):)

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