Thursday, July 17, 2008



Brother Libra could not agree with you more when it comes to a reliable
friendship. The average person has not a clue when it comes to lasting,
productive, creative interchanges of friendship. Perhaps it is no
exaggeration to say even that the average person is ill-equipped to form
a lasting, reliable friendship. For a good friendship requires positive
selfesteem, and good friends allow each other to make mistakes, as we all

They will not take it personally if you are human, as in, "to err is
human." They will not "go ballistic" if you do make an error, and will
not "declare war" on you. They will not take everything "personally," as
in, "Everything that she says, she says to hurt me."

A wise, spiritual, mature human being will forgive the mis-spoken word,
and move on, with a desire to repair or rebuild the friendship in any way
possible, if it has been damaged. She will stick with you, through
"thick and thin," as you note. She is not looking for an "escape hatch"
to cancel or neutralize the friendship. (People of low selfesteem are
always looking to "escape" or "get rid of" a friendship because, deep
down, they do not feel that they "deserve" a friendship with a good,
honest, or sincere person. So, they will jump at any opportunity to
sabotage a friendship, or otherwise, sadly, to exit it.)

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