Sunday, July 06, 2008

Jesus Christ and Religion


Every day, we celebrate our "spiritual independence" from human doctrines, dogma, leaders, administrations, and the burdens imposed by legalism, scripturalism, and organized religion generally. What a sigh of great and sincere relief it is to realize that "belonging" to God (Love) is sufficient, and that you need "belong" to no formal Church; after all, Jesus belonged to none; for, during his day, not a single one of the many churches and denominations of our time even existed! Jesus was not even a "Christian," for that word had not been created until after his death. Also, he clearly was not accepted as a religious Jew, as the high priest and other orthodox leaders conspired in his murder.

So, he was neither religious Jew nor Christian (although he was genetically and culturally Jewish). He was a human being, without labels, in search of the treasure of the interior God of Love, which he discovered and sought to share with others.

Happy Independence Day, every day!:):)

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