Thursday, July 24, 2008

Helping Yourself: God in You


The phrase, "God helps those who help themselves," is not Scriptural; but it does express a truth that has been learned from much careful observation of the human condition.

It means that we must do all, everything, in our power to become the very best that we can be. God (Love) does not ask us to be "perfect," without flaw. But God does ask us to do our very best.

Doing our very best should be a "motto" carried within the heart at all times. We should try never to become complacent or lazy on the spiritual path. Even more importantly, we never want to stop trying, deluding ourselves into thinking, "I'm there! I've finally made it! I'm enlightened! So, there is no more to do!" This can be the same as saying, "There is no room for improvement," or, "I cannot get any better." This is egoic delusion, since all creatures are capable of infinite expansion and growth in spirituality.

We are "saved" from ignorance and the lower nature by Love or "grace."
Love acts upon our hearts to transform us, and we pray most sincerely that It fill us to overflowing, and use us as Its instruments in this world.

This is life's most important quest; so, we should always give it everything that we have. This is when Love kicks in, and it is Love that carries a person into enlightenment and final transformation (in bliss).

Life is like any other game between two players: You must make your "move," and then, allow the universe (universal Mind) to make her move.
Then, it is time for you to move again, as in chess.

We are never alone. WE do not perform all the moves. But it is vital that we recognize that our lives can be works of art. As in a masterpiece of painting, to which you add only one or two "brush-strokes" a day, so your life is also like this. God (Love) is the final and absolute artist, and you are one of Her fine products. So, you must allow God to move within and through you by loving.

This is "helping yourself," and God (Love) helps only those who so "help themselves."

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