Monday, July 21, 2008

Noah's Ark


Most Biblical scholars believe that the story of the Noachian Flood, like
the story of Genesis, was not literal but an allegory. It told the story
of how God works to preserve his creatures through Love.

Even though each and every creature dies in this world, symbolized by the
death of countless millions of living creatures in the Flood, all
life-forms survive as Souls-- symbolized by those taken aboard the "Ark."
Lower life-forms share groupsouls, but sentient (selfaware) creatures
have individual and immortal Souls just like those of human beings. This
grooup includes elephants, dogs, cats, llamas, horses, and all other

The Hebrews, in ancient times, especially their fundamentalists,
interpreted the Flood as literal history. But its gruesome bloodiness,
in the murder of hundreds of millions of innocent and sweet creatures,
was created, they said, by their god Jehovah, with a monstrous
insensitivity towards living things. But the true God treasures the
lives of lower life-forms, exactly as we might treasure the life of a
beloved pet. So, the true God is incapable of this merciless barbarity
and cruelty. (For, compared to some, we humans are also "lower

There probably was never a literal man named "Noah," who built the large
chestlike box called the "Ark." These, like so much in Genesis and other
Biblical accounts, are all symbols or allegories.

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