Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mystics and Cults


It is almost impossible to discuss mysticism without including historical mystics from the past. For it seems that mystics are still as rare as jewels in our society, and it is safe to say categorically that most books on the "new age," metaphysics, or religion contain precious little, or no, mysticism.

So, for example, in Journey to the Center of the Soul, the writing is generously peppered with references to, and quotations from, mystics, ranging from the second to the nineteenth centuries. There were a few twentieth-century mystics, including Tom Merton, and a few Hindu writers.

But one problem with the latter is that Western people insisted on gathering ego-cults around these wise thinkers-- something that the masters never, never wanted, and that they resisted with every breath!

That is, true masters always resist and oppose cultism, but a number of pseudo-masters (pseudo-mystics) did support and encourage egocults and even worship of their illusory egoself. Rajneesh was a good example of a "bad" guru who had missed the entire point of the Way.

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