Friday, July 04, 2008

Relearning the Nature of God


Your mental state is the result of hideous education by people who know nothing about God, but think that they know everything! It is just plain wrong, backwards, and upside-down, to see God as fierce, ferocious, evil, bigoted, out-of-control, and ridiculously angry.

We do not respect or admire a human being who is "out-of control" this way. And God is never like this. Your teachers taught only what they knew. They might have been people with good and kind hearts, but they inherited the idea of a "monstergod." This they received because they mistook the primitive perspective of the Jewish god, Jehovah or Yahweh, for the Lord of Love, the true God, recognized by Jesus and other enlightened people through the ages.

In order to grow spiritually, you must shake loose from your heartmind the very last particles of the Jehovah-myth, cleansing your heartmind thoroughly and completely from them. For your God-perspective is like water; the smallest imperfection can ruin a great body of water.
Your heartmind is in great need of interior cleansing or purification. (In Latin, this process was called purgatorio, and it does involve some pain. But, in the end, it leaves us stainless, with a heart open completely to the "in-filling" of the Spirit of pure Love. [This is what God wants for you, but it will take your cooperation, for God (Love) does not force the truth upon anyone.]
So, constantly and continuously reaffirm God's unconditional Love.
Recognize that your current image of God, that of an angry, evil, unfair, violent being, is an illness; it is not your fault, for this is how you were educated; God completely forgives you, as that is His pleasure.
Avoid reading any religious books that present God as the monstergod.
Avoid using the Hebrew Scriptures ("Old Testament") in your spiritual studies. Clear your mind regularly in meditation, inviting the Lord of Love to indwell your mind. Always confirm your solid knowing of God as purest Love plus nothing; do not try to add anything to God. Reject actively, and renounce, any of the diseased thoughts that try to present God as a soldier-- angry, vengeful, unfair, or bigoted. Remind yourself continuously that God is filled with Love and that He empties this great Love into the hearts of all who Love Him. Absolutely refuse to harbor, or to rerun, any thoughts of God as anything else.
Read only positive, life-affirming spiritual material; avoid the distasteful and the negative. Fill yourself every morning, upon arising, with the Light of pure Love; visualize this, and greet the world with a smile.
Whenever possible, avoid all "Christians" who have a negative or harmful perspective. Renounce association with them, as Paul wrote, "Bad company corrupts good morals." (1 Cor. 15:33) Surround yourself with good, positive spiritual literature and, whenever possible, with positive spiritual people who know the truth about God (Love).
For to allow yourself to "backslide" to the god of war and violence would be like rejecting a fine meal and eating garbage-- distasteful at best, dangerous at worst.
Practice pervasive meditation. Use, as your mantra, "God is Love and..." Let this finest of realizations "sink down" into your deepest mind, and it will soon resurface in your conscious mind. Celebrate God's beauty in the rain, the sunshine, butterflies, warm days, cool days, puppies, kittens, and realize that a God Who was not Love would not have created this lovely world so filled with tenderness and beauty.
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