Friday, April 18, 2008

Research and "Truth"


From my personal experience with cult-members, their "research" opportunities are stunted to virtually the point of nonexistence by being completely closed to research and researchers who might disagree with their dogma.

Re "truth": the Greeks used the same word, aletheia, to mean both "truth" and "reality."

The medieval Catholic Church redefined "truth" as "correct doctrine"-- the exact same definition provided by the cult. In fact, the official and orthodox Catholic Church was the first group in history to demand that Jehovah was the Lord of Love of the Christian Scriptures. Isn't it ironic that, believing themselves so "special," and so much more "enlightened," than the Catholic Church, the cult-members share its most central dogma? (This is that Jehovah is the Lord of Jesus, of Love.)

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