Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Coming to the Pneumarium


You said that you were "feeling uneasy and a bit selfconscious about not coming to the Pneumarium." I believe that there is a good reason for this. For this is something that your deeper Mind really wants, and wants you, to do.:)

When we fulfill the deeper needs of the Soul, It consistently rewards us, with feelings of serenity, tranquility, peace, joy, and bliss. But if we act against Its needs, or neglect them, it can take a huge toll. We do not live as happily during the day, and we do not sleep as well at night.
We feel, deep down, that "there is something that I should do."

The Pneumarium gatherings are fun and easy. When we do not go, there is no human being that criticizes us, but, often, our own conscience does the work for you. It gently nudges you, over and over; only when that does not work does it produce a sense of slight but increasing anxiety.

If you did not eat, your body would naturally send you all kinds of signals, some of which nmight not be the most pleasant. Your mind/Soul also needs "spiritual food." Many churches and religions, like many books, do not provide this "spiritual food" at all, although they might claim to.

You, dear friend, are experiencing "hunger pangs" because you never let yourself partake of the "feasts" that we regularly share at the Pneumarium.:(

When I was in the cult, people were forced into "meeting attendance."
About a hundred people came to those dull meetings every week, despite the fact that they were boring to the point that you felt like committing hara kiri! And, several times a week, about a hundred people, out of a small-population town, showed up. Almost no one wanted to be there. Yet they regularly came, from a sense of loyalty to the cult. Their regularity often puts the people of Love, who are powerfully much more blessed, to shame!

We personally learned from the cult: We decided never to use guilt or anxiety to "pressure" our friends to attend the Pneumarium gatherings.
We even call them "gatherings" instead of "meetings," because we want nothing in common with the fearbased cult. But, the simple truth is

When you miss our sharings as a family, you are doing harm to yourself; and you might be indirectly "harming" others as well, for everyone is uplifted by these gatherings. This violates the fine lifepattern called ahimsa, which is living without any harm to any living creature, including yourself. That "harm" can be mental, emotional, or spiritual rather than physical.

So, if you are feeling some anxiety, I am truly sorry to hear this. The Pneumarium gatherings, and the family, are never designed to create or support any form of anxiety. But I must also be honest and share with you that, in this case, I believe that this mild anxiety is generated by your Soul as a healthy signal that you are neglecting, and perhaps harming, It. Your Soul is complaining; and the only course of wisdom is to listen to It, and then, out of Love, to heal It! We are having another Pneumarium gathering on Sunday, April 27, and you are, as always, of course, invited.

We provide a clean, warm, comfortable place (cool in summer) with a free meal, free snacks, and continuous free coffee, or tea of many varieties.
We are trying to serve by making your spiritual education and growth-- the only things of real value in this world-- as "painless" and "effortless" as possible!

But coming to the Pneumarium regularly will take a little planning and structuring of your time, and nobody else is going to act like your "papa" or "mama" and do this for you! You are not a "child," and you do not need this! And I certainly have never had any interest in being anyone's "daddy."

So, your whole life can become far richer, far happier, and far more at peace. But it is going to take some microwork on your part. After all, a fulfilled and satisfied life does not "just happen." It is something that we must actively create by our choices! Now, you have a chance to give the most wonderful gift to your own Soul! This opportunity very rarely comes to us in this life! So, do yourself the greatest favor:
Plan to come to our celebrations of life and Love, sharing friendship and wisdom! You'll be very glad that you did!:)

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