Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The "Indigo" Children


Each and every generation wants to believe that it is "special," especially in a cosmic sense. This is an action of "overcompensation." People need and create this when feeling low selfesteem. And, of course, parents are often desperate that their children be "special" in some positive, life-affirming way.

This is where the myth of "indigo children" originates. Parents as well as kids want, and perhaps need, to believe in it; both are strongly if unconsciously motivated to be "true believers."

The idea is that the coming generation of kids-- those born in the previous few years, and during the years to come, are "highly advanced and spiritual" Souls. It is an idea that brings joy! It can be breath-taking!:):)

But is there any objective evidence that kids born during the last few years are "born more spiritual or advanced" than Souls that have preceded them to earth? No, there is no evidence.

The belief is not logical, or logically demonstrated. It is an emotional, sometimes religious, idea. As was true of every generation in the entire history of the world, some kids come here "already spiritual" due to good karma, and most, as always and usual, have come here for spiritual growth.

The idea of "indigo" children also posits the untenable position that these "special" kids do not need as much teaching, discipline, and structure, which takes an unwelcome load off the backs of parents. In the modern generation (those born during the past few years), there is zero solid evidence that kids are smarter, stronger, quicker, wiser, or "more spiritual" than are older people. Every generation, including this one, contains very "special" people; indeed, all human beings are "special." But the myth of indigo children is only an attempt to be "extraordinary," and this idea is usually embraced by people who are feeling low selfesteem. All that the idea usually does, in so many lives, is boost the ego-- which, in itself, is antispiritual.

Love does not discriminate. It treats every generation alike, with an even hand.
So, let's awaken to the realization that some kids are "born" with the wide spectrum of karmic influences that affect us all. Some were stupid or criminal in past lives, others tender, wise, and even brilliant!:) But let us show care not to slide down the slippery slope to superiorism.

For those who practice arrogance prove their lack of real spirituality, which supports, not "being above the crowd," but humility. Jesus, in his notorious association with "sinners," ordinary people, was a good lesson for all of us.:)

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