Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Galaxyful of Love!


Here, the great Work of Love-teaching continues apace. We are starting a federation of cooperating but independent small ministries in order to publicize the great Love with which we are supported in our life-journeys. So far, we have established Love Ministries of Kenya, Love Ministries of India, and Love Ministries of Pakistan. An entire whole world awaits its future growth. I myself am a member of Love Ministries of this galactic quadrant!:)

When it was first discovered that a transplant was needed, six friends sprang into action, and volunteered! To be caught in the delightful "safety-net" of such powerful Love was almost worth the crisis!:)

Currently, working on the "Enlightenment Tradition" Series. It is four books, all finished now and requiring only proofing. The first is an intro to the Enlightenment Tradition, the second discusses that Tradition in Judaism, the third volume in Christianity, and the fourth, in Islamic culture. No idea of when publication will be possible, for it does cost, but this is the one message that can literally save our poor little planet!

Also, just wrote an indepth study of the Nag Hammadi Library of ancient Christian gnosticism, and finished another study of cult-psychology, called The Chosen.

Flora, the Goddess of flowers, is dressing up our world.:) The great wheel of time has turned once again, and once again, the world fills up with the polychromatic splendor of scarlets, canaryellows, and ceruleanblues!:) We do love springtime!

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