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Spiritual Ideas


Because of the philosophy of Love, I know that "your" challenges are also mine, and so, I plan to do my best to provide honest feedback. But I have zero interest in being anyone's "daddy," and no interest in telling anyone what they "should" do. I want only to comment.:)

Embracing "the good" is a very simple, but reliable and dependable, guideline for life, and I'm in one hundred percent agreement! There is, counter to worldender propoganda, so very much good and beauty in this world. It is everywhere full of God (Love and beauty). As the Tibetans say, It is an extremely great privilege to have been born human!:)

Why are humans here? We are here to continue our long education. We were, in the beginning, sent forth from the Mind of Love as "separate" nonphysical Souls. The great Mind (of God, Love) decided to dream up this world, and to allow all Souls to "dream" that we are "physical" bodies. (But the very latest discoveries in neophysics have demonstrated that a "physical, material" universe is an illusion of the senses.) When we study matter at the quantum (subatomic) level, we find that it is all energy. There is not a "truly solid" object in the entire universe.
And this is according to skeptical scientists, not mystics!

In this dreamworld, we dream up exactly the situations, objects, and environments needed for our "tailored" education-program. The "material" world is an illusion, but all minds are real. Because of this, all creatures who partake of Mind-- especially human beings-- are sacred. So, we must honor and respect each one with the maximum Love.

But how can we "love" strangers? The very minimum Love that we can give, even to all strangers, is to wish them well. We can sincerely bless them, honestly hoping and praying that their lives are filled with Light, Love, tranquility, bliss, friendship, fulfilling work, balanced emotions, and healthy spirituality, among a whole list of other goods.

Why do we hurt/kill one another? The Enlightenment Traditions teach that there is no such thing as an "innocent victim." While Love does impel us to remove, or alleviate, all suffering for all creatures-- and never to be apathetic or complacent-- we must realize that suffering is a part of human life and experience. We need this realization to be able to live sanely in a pain-filled world such as ours. But Love always calls upon us to care deeply, and to remove suffering whenever, wherever, and with whomever we find it. People often suffer because, at the Soul-level, they created suffering for others. Or, before you were born, you were able to select the dna (for you could "read" this complex molecule) that would give you a body that would permit you to take lessons that you needed to learn. The "Soul" is a deep, and unconscious, part of the mind. It is that part of yourself that lived before the birth of your present body ("preincarnation"), and it is the part that continues to live after "death" of the present body ("postincarnation"). Both "preincarnational" and "postincarnational" life was taught by early Christians. In fact, almost all the earliest Christians believed in "polybiography," or "reincarnation." This vast, rather complex, philosophy is the only explanation that elucidates in meaningful ways the existence of suffering. The majority of the human population, at any time in history, has accepted it. It is not only a logical explanation for the world of suffering, but it also "feels" right, with intuitive understanding.

Who will rescue/deliver us from this horrific world? Love will rescue us. Although in modern psychology, Love has not been defined as a "Who," in former cultures, It was always recognized as a "god" or "goddess." And in Christianity, Love is God. (1 Jn. 4:8,16) God is all the Love and positivity in all the minds on all the planets in all the starsystems in all the galaxies! So, God is vaster, more immense, breath-takingly enormous and beautiful, than anything that our poor three pounds of gray matter can comprehend. God is Love, and Love is God.

Love awakens us to galaxies of beauty within our own minds, and to the magnificent beauties in the world all around us. Yes, there is still "evil" in our world of relativity and duality. But knowing that "evil" has no absolute reality weakens it, and strengthens absolute Love.

In Christianity, "salvation"-- we are "saved" from ignorance and the lower, humanimal nature-- comes not through mere education, or actions, or goodness, but from "grace." Grace is the unearned, undeserved Love of God. We are "saved," not because we know the "right" doctrines. We are saved, the Scriptures repeatedly teach, because of one factor, and one factor alone, and that is the grace of God. Her Love is greater than any,and all, sins. God's Love is illimitable and immeasurable, great enough to forgive any and all imperfections, and even all deliberate badness.

If there is no Jehovah God, who is there? The very same answer comes from the intercultural Enlightenment Tradition. There is Love, the greatest, most irresistible Force or Mind in the universe! Nothing and no one can stand, in the longterm, against It/Him/Her. (God is, of course, neither male nor female, so "God" and "Goddess" are both options.)

The enlightened person, of course, still has Jesus in her life. She can still choose to follow Jesus, to take him seriously as a model. But she has more, not less, than the average person. For she also has, as bearers of truth, the Buddha, Lao Tzu, Patanjali, Al Arabi, Al Hallaj, Solomon, and many other saintmystics and teachersages.:)

How can we prevent sickness and death? We cannot always prevent them. But the idea that they are universally "bad" is the result of social programming. Sickness is said to be "bad" because it can lead to death-- which is always bad. But if death is viewed as completely natural-- as natural as the dew-kissed rose blossoming in the morning sun-- then, sickness (biological challenge and imperfection) can be reinterpreted as "our way out of here." It can be seen as a liberator, if we believe that there is a better life after this one. This is the view held famously by early Christians, and which made them glad, deliriously happy, to die, even in the horrible arena. For an enlightened person, with a large spiritual overview, there is no such thing as a "bad death." The great beauty of Hospice is that they are helping people to embrace death in a healthy way. Every creature that has ever been born has died. Birth is a guarantee of death. So, as long as we buy into the antispiritual idea that death is horrible, a nightmare, we can never know true joy. Jesus came to prove that death is a survivable experience. Death leads to only bottomless joy and incredible peace. I have died twice, and come back to our world to share this message.:)

Sickness can teach the lessons of compassion-- what this life is all about-- in two ways: 1) when we are sick, this gives us compassion for others who are also sick, and 2) sickness creates a sympathetic response (Love) from others. It also, btw, creates needed awareness of the necessity for selflove, to take care of our own sacred bodies.

AND who can we now trust instead of organized religion? It takes time to learn to trust Love. It takes time even to discover Love at the Center of all minds. It takes time to learn that god is Love, and not some comfortable, familiar human image (anthropomorphism), such as the all-too-human Jehovah, who has a plethora of weaknesses. We are like infants learning to walk. When we first let go of our parents, we are very wobbly. But with practice, we soon grow strong. As we trust Love, we learn that It is a wonderful, beautiful, supportive Power greater than any primitive, superstitious godimage. It is more reliable and dependable. It can never harm anyone, and does not "punish." It subtly draws us into enlightenment, one moment at a time, until we find that we are superstrong and completely spiritually independent! So, in the beginning, we must "jump into a void," or empty chasm, the black cave of the Unconscious. We are certainly not certain even that "anyone" is there. But, after we have begun to trust (in faith), we learn that we are in the warm, comfortable, invincible, invulnerable arms of Love. But we cannot "trust" only what has been "proved." While we never want to abandon the rational, we must "trust in faith" before we have any certainty of our relationship with the Lovegoddess. Like delicious food, the Goddess of Love is known only one minute at a time. This is good news, for it means that we must handle, take care of, not an entire life, but only this minute!

There is so much more that could be, needs to be, said! In fact, I've written twenty books to try to explain, or at least to outline, all the beautiful discoveries that await everyone in the Mind. I'll be glad to send you one, if you are interested. And if not, that is okay too!:):)

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