Monday, April 28, 2008



The first churches of Jesus Christ were very poor. We are also poor in the U.S. But we have discovered, by much serious research, that the earliest churches did not have "Church-buildings." Instead, they met in small groups, in homes of members. We have been gathering here at our home for nearly six years, and have had no problems. God does not want the church to get into debt. In fact, a church should handle as little money as possible, since "the love of money is a root of all evil," as the Scriptures say. So, do you have a home in which you could come together, and save your poor sisters and brothers the money needed for a church? We do not need churches; we need only the Spirit of Christ's Love in our hearts.:)

May the great and sweet Lord of gracious Love continue to bless you, and your work with Love Ministries in Kenya.:)

Love, Joy, and Peace,

Richard Francis,
Love Ministries, usa

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