Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Death and Learning


When a person "dies in her sins," as all people must leave this world in a state of imperfection, she picks up right where she left off. This is why a desperate suicide is such a futile effort. You cannot "run" from or "escape" your imperfections by dying. If you fail a "test" on earth, God (Love) does what any good teacher does: She gives the same test again. So, the next time that you come to earth, the next time your Soul is sent here from the Homeworld ("heaven"), you will again meet the same Souls as you knew previously, and you will have to work out precisely the same problems. If, for example, you hate another, with seething and relentless hatred, that person might be your spouse. (Love can as easily, and more positively, bind you to a Soulmate, and that is much more pleasant.)

All people, from one perspective, "die in their sins." But, from the view of grace, all our sins are forgiven. So, from the view of God (Love), we do not die "in our sins," but in a forgiven state of purity.

But this is not "earned" purity, but purity bestowed by grace. If, although living in grace, we continue to hold fear or its twin, hatred, in our heart, then we must pick up and return to "school," at exactly the "exam" that we failed before.

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