Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Simplicity and Pneumarium


You don't mention any insuperable spiritual challenges, and that is wonderful! Your only karmic complexities at the moment seem to be in the area of materialism and money. The best advice that can be given here is carefully to inventory your life and find a place further to simplify.

It is recognized that you believe that you are already living in simplicity, but that is a relative term. Compared to some, your life is enormously complex, although, it is certain that, compared to others, it is relatively simple. Quite often, we complexify our lives without even realizing it. Complexity is such a "natural" part of life in the Western world that we barely notice it; it is often invisible, until you look for it with a magnifying glass.:)

The Love-bond that you are sharing with your family is a real treasure; please never do anything to weaken that supreme Love. To keep spirituality strong, and "front and center," we gather every two weeks with friends, specifically to discuss the important spiritual issues of life. Have you ever considered starting your own "Pneumarium-gathering" at your house? It might be worth serious consideration.

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