Tuesday, April 01, 2008

More fun than a barrel of elephants! Using Time Wisely.


At our family-gathering on Sunday, we had more fun than humanly possible, more fun than a barrel of elephants!:):) It was a real megablast!

People can say absolutely anything about their "love for God," their religion, and all that stuff. But you really, often, cannot trust what people say. Instead, you have to watch their actual actions. For their truest priorities will be revealed by their behaviors.

Time is the "gold" of the universe. And it is how a person chooses to invest her time that demonstrates,, beyond the shadow of any doubt, what her priorities are. So, to learn the truth-- about yourself or any other-- watch your time-investments. For this is the only reliable way to determine what is important, or the most important, to a person.

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