Saturday, July 07, 2007


This is a special day on the calendar; it will never come again. The numerological or mathematical implication is that this is a spiritual day.

So, let's cooperate to use its special energy to improve our poor little world. It is suggested that we today commit our time and energy to the creation of a better world. And one of the very best ways that this can be done is through the creation of, the demand for, a government of compassion, peace, and wisdom.

This means not only indulgence in "sweet thoughts," but also action! We cannot sit apathetically and complacently while the greatest experiment in democracy in world-history goes down the drain of greed and violence.

So, let us make an interior vow, on this special day, or renew one, to turn our thoughts towards a life of simplicity (nongreed, nongrasping, noncraving). Let us renounce greed in even small things, in the choice of our cars and our homes. Let us struggle to live more ecospiritually.

Most of all, let us demand sanity and peace from leaders and those who smugly regard themselves as "important people." For we all know that the only truly "important people" on our planet are not the rich or influential, but those who hold sacred the interior jewel of Love and compassion.

So, please, take a moment to evaluate your spiritual life. Take another moment, please, to vow in your heart that you are going to live with as much consistent Love and forgiveness as possible: Love everyone, serve everyone, and forgive everyone.

Please forward this suggestion to everyone in your addressbook who might be interested. Let's keep the message of Love alive!:)



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