Tuesday, July 24, 2007



The tiny woodpecker,
Head covered with soft down,
Markings on his face
Making comical expressions.
He is asking,
"Do you know what it's all about?"
And I, with sweet tears in my eyes, say,
"You know. It is all about now,
With a thoughtfree mind such as yours, Brother Bird,
With Spontaneous and natural action.
Full of sweetness.
No wonder you were
Jesus' model!"

And we sat together
In blessed silence,
In the empty air between us,
Fragrant with ozone and hyacinths,
Smelling like the
Delicious Mother Earth Perfume
Of pouring, gushing rains.

We sat in sunyata,
Gloriously empty together,
Regarding ourselves regarding ourselves.
He knew that he was I,
and I he.
The cosmos silently smiled.

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