Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Healing and Karma: the True Story


If you can "catch the karma" just right, miraculous healings are indeed possible. But this depends more upon karma than upon technique. Some healers are almost fanatical about technique. But it is really karma that allows true healing.

If your karmic time-period for a disorder is "over," the body will spontaneously remit even without using any technique at all. Peoples' cancers have remitted while standing in line at the grocery store, or while driving on the freeway. On the other hand, if your karma determines that this NOW is not the time, you can be surrounded by a dozen of the best healers in the world, and you can be ingesting every positive and helpful herb, doing the best affirmations, visualizations, and prayers, and still not be "healed completely."

This is why even the most famous healer in history, Jesus, was "unable to heal some." It truly does help to cooperate with the Spirit. But we must be especially careful of taking ego-credit for processes far beyond our control or understanding. That is why a true healer will never claim to be the "Source" of healing energy, but only its "conduit." She wisely recognizes more tsunamic forces arising from the Unconscious. So, an ego-based healer, one who overcharges, or one who seeks or accepts fame is always a phony.

The good news is that every act of Love helps to erase a little karma. This applies to both reflective karma and to optional (chosen) karma.:)

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