Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Praying for Peace on Earth


The One, the Mind of purest Love, is in no way limited by our ideas of time, nor is She limited by our concepts of "cooperation." When it comes to the sweet Goddess, Her will is always done, no matter what we do or do not do. I must object to those who believe that, and act as if, the divine will depends upon our actions and our prayers. This is definitely putting the cart before the donkey!:):) The Goddess loves and welcomes our prayers, and our silent internal communications. But much damage has
been created by the simple words, "Prayer changes things." For prayer is designed to change the heart, softening it for Love, but is not a form of "magic" that is designed to alter the world. For the deepest, and truest, "prayer" is any thought of Love for any living being.

Still, human cooperation in Love is a beautiful thing.:) It is also wonderful when human beings cooperate, in Love and in prayer. And praying for peace is also beautiful. But, to be a genuine expression of divine and universal Love, we must not "take sides" in any earthly conflict, for there are no "good guys" on the bloody battle-fields; to think otherwise is simple bigotry and naivete. So, yes, my dear friend, you can count on the fact that all people of peace will continue, every day and every night, to ppray that human beings finally find common sense, compassion, balance, and peace.

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