Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pneumarium Gathering


We had a hypersupermegablast Sunday at the Pneumarium! At the end, everyone was walking about six inches off the ground! We discussed in some great depth the teachings of the people called gnostics-- the mystics who were the very first Christians. (We now know about them through their own writings, which are fascinating and compelling.)

These beautiful Love-mystics received their teachings directly from Jesus Christ, but their books and records were later banned and burned by the orthodox Church. But the Goddess made sure that they survived, and now, blessedly, we can read them today. They are found in the famous "Nag Hammadi Library."

The library of formerly hidden teachings is the subject of my new book, The Re-enchantment of the World: Astounding Early Christians. After the "abiography," being published now, it is next on our publishing agenda.

You missed a beautiful meal, and a wonderful, delightful, profound Love-sharing. The Presence of the Goddess was palpable!:)


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