Sunday, July 22, 2007



When, in the parable, the Lord says, "Depart from Me, workers of iniquity! I never knew you!" he is not discussing eternal damnation. Instead, he is talking about the review of a single life.

In any given life, there are many who waste time and energy in the pursuit of evil, ignorance, or just general stupidity. At the end of every life, we all must encounter Judgment Day-- a review and evaluation of the life that we have just lived.

In every generation, there have always been those to whom the Holy Spirit has said, "Depart from Me!" This "departing" is living a life apparently "separate" from Love. No one can ever actually live separate from Love, for Love is God. But we can live a life, or more than one, in apparent "separation" from Love.

And the illusion of being separate ("departed") from Love is "hell."

So, yes, some Souls do spend some time in the hellstate, due to their having preferred materialism or selfishness over Love. These hellstates are mental illnesses, often quite dramatic, and can last from a few minutes or hours to hundreds of years. The amount of time that a Soul(mind) spends in "hell" is directly proportional to the cruelty, apathy, or complacency with which she lived her life on earth.

It is God's active will that no one go to hell. But, by His permissive will, people are allowed to form their own destinies, and workers of evil are not welcomed into the sweet, intimate oneness of Love, but are told to "depart," to move away from the interior Christ of Love. In time, their cruelty or shallowness drives them so far away that they can forget that God even exists within them. This total spiritual amnesia is also a form of hell.

Only the consistent practice of Love can keep the heartmind always in a "heavenly" state-- the bliss that is the opposite of the sufferings of "hell." That is why we are all, and always, called to Love.


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