Sunday, July 15, 2007

Misled Teachings of the Church


There are a number of ideas that have come down to us in history as "Christian," which do not mirror or reflect the teachings of Jesus.

Among these are moral behaviors. The greed of the Church has, for centuries, been shameless. It has abused the poor, contrary to Jesus' Love for them, and has filled its own coffers with unimaginable wealth.

The official Church has also supported nightmarish murder in wars, notably the Crusades, in which tens or hundreds of thousands of Muslim sisters and brothers were massacred and slaughtered.

The official Church also supported torture and murder during the time of the notorious Inquisition. Women, especially, were murdered in ghastly ways. Thousands died, and much of their land went to the Church.

During the Middle Ages, popes, priests, and others in the Church supported political intrigues, assassinations, and wars for power.

Besides all this, the Church has returned to the worship of the ancient Hebrew god, when Jesus tried to replace this illusion with the adoration of a Lord of purest Love. Because of this error, almost every official teaching of the Church has been affected.

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