Sunday, July 15, 2007

"Powerful or Weak"?


Before incarnating on earth as a physical body -- while still in the "pre-incarnational" Soul-world -- I gathered with my trusted, beloved advisors. We were discussing my coming incarnation.

They offered me two scenarios of the life to come:

They, sharing comments one at a time, said, in effect, that:

In the coming life on earth, I could choose a body of enormous, impressive strength and power. With this body would come certain mind-changes. Self-confidence (in the ego) would likely be over-developed. Arrogance was a real possibility. Pride also came with this package. Self-reliance and independence from others would be a "must," and it would be insisted. Spirituality, which requires realistic humility, would be a rather distant vision, and not an immediate goal. Physically, this would be a greatly, vastly exciting life! But spiritually, it would be one of utter poverty; little karmic progress would be made during this life. Growth would be incredibly slow to non-existent.

The other kind of body that I could choose, as a Soul, was the "weak" body, more vulnerable. With this kind of body would come, naturally, a greatly increased and enhanced sense of empathy, sympathy, and compassion. The spiritual treasure of humility would be so much more easily developed within an imperfect, humble, and vulnerable body. The sense of utter dependence on God (Love) would be maximized. There would also be a highly increased sense of healthy dependence upon the Love of
others. Simple kindness, towards people and all living creatures, would be made stronger. Spiritual growth would leap ahead by allegorical lightyears; more spiritual and mental growth could occur during this one life than during the past five thousand years!

I considered the two options; each had its "good points," its "temptations." In the end, vulnerability and healthy dependence was chosen over ego-inflating superindependence.

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