Sunday, July 22, 2007

Masculine and Feminine Love


I by far, by many lightyears, prefer the Goddess over the God. Both are necessary, and good. But I've been saturated with a negative Godimage since way back, and I've had it up to here with the ridiculous "monstergod," as I call him. I long for, and need, the tender side; I love the Love of men, but need much more the Love of women. Not sexual, you understand. But a woman's Love has a completely distinct and different "flavor" than Love between males. Both can be real, but the gentle flower of feminine hearts has a sweetness and delightful fragrance lacking in the harder, more logical, Love of males. The soft receptivity in the Goddess is very welcome and welcoming. To sink deeply into that yielding heart, filled with warm Love, is to taste of spiritual ecstasy.

I have always preferred even the company of women-- partly because of the terrible ways in which males are socialized in our society. You know, the old "sex, sports, tools" mindset. Women, by contrast, are fascinating, compelling, powerfully attractive, and profound. They exhibit the spiritual variety of butterflies or roses, and the same glowing beauty. They are not terrified of their emotions, however deep these feelings might be.

In visions and visualizations (call them "spiritual fantasies"), I also prefer vastly the mindpicture of the Goddess over the God. This is only a tiny bit sexual -- due to the attractive physical form of the Goddess. The greatest percentage, by far, is psychospiritual. A woman usually forms a deeper and truer friendship, with more understanding, forgiveness, and loyalty. This is based, in part, on earth-friendships.

But it also arises from deeper spiritual principles.

The very touch of a Goddess -- in the form of a human woman, or in the form of a visualized supernormal Goddess -- is healing. And, again, there is a very special and unique form of Love that blossoms -- non-sexually-- between a man and a woman in friendship. It is one of the great joys of this life.


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