Sunday, July 15, 2007

The "Moral Code" of Love


When it comes to a "moral code," people often forget that "moral" simply means "good." So, a moral code is a set of guidelines or regulations that increase the goodness in our lives.

The very highest moral code in history is to follow the Way of Love.

For example, in sexual matters-- which are the ones that people think of first when considering "morality"-- the Way offers several valid guidelines:

It supports ahimsa. This means that we are prohibited absolutely from voluntarily harming any person at any time, for any reason. We must not harm others emotionally. So, we must stand behind fidelity and faithfulness in marriage, for this is a commitment to God and to human beings. Since sexual promiscuity harms many people-- whole families, if not communities, in many ways-- it is not allowed under the guidelines of the highest morality. Also, since it might produce unwanted kids, which would seriously harm and damage them, careless or promiscuous sexual intercourse is flatly prohibited. So are "recreational" or "casual" sex, because sexual interaction must remain a manifestation of true Love with commitment. Any attitude but the sacred cheapens sexuality. It must remain a high form of worship. Thus, it must be Love.

In other life-matters, the Way of Love recommends that every day, we do something real to help or aid others. This might be teaching, if that is our calling or gift. But it must also express in giving economic aid to the poor, aiding the sick or challenged, and generally, extending a helping hand. In a world such as ours, there are millions of opportunities each and every day.

The Way recommends kindness towards all, and goodness, honesty, generosity, fairness, compassion, and the expressions of tenderness, mercy, and forgiveness. We must be gentle towards all. A being of Love will never use offensive violence. That is, she will never attack; but she might have to use defensive violence if attacked.

To sum up the Way: Love everyone, serve everyone, and forgive everyone.

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