Saturday, August 27, 2005

Working Together on the Program


We are giving it our all, to get the radioprogram "High Spirits" going. It is no easy thing to get underwriters for even so universal and useful a program as that which brings nonreligious spiritual education to the public. No program in the world is so drastically and dramatically needed in this spiritually-starved but religiously oversupplied world! This was our last-resort plan, appealing to our friends. If it does not work, there is, at present, no "Plan c.":( But the most that we can do is try. Happily, it is good to report that some of our friends have come through for us.:) An identifying mark of true friendship is action, particularly in crisis!:)


Change the world! Is this merely a beautiful dream? No, it is not. For you can begin really to change the world today! And you can do it for $5 a week!

How? Through education and cooperation. Working together, we can make it happen! Here's how: For $5 a week, you and our other dear friends can work together to sponsor a new, educational, one-hour, call-in show on radio. It is called, "High Spirits," and will concern itself with discovering and cultivating a spiritual path. Aiding people to discover spirituality is the best way to improve the world! (You might remember that education was the Way of Jesus, the Buddha, and other sages.)

The high ideal is to make this a show of, by, and for the people. It is a show that will belong to you! It will belong to no commercial interests.

As you know, Love Ministries has never charged for any of its educational work. And we do not plan to, in the future. We do all teaching, lecturing, seminaring, personal, telephone, and email work free of charge. Our magazines "Universal Love Digest," and Lovelight magazine, are also free. This show, also, will be done for free. But the radiostation charges for its time-- in this case, $200 per hour. If you want (this is optional), we will be glad to thank you on the air for your support of the show.

Five dollars is what most spend for chewing-gum, candy-bars, or snacks. These can harm the body. With that same five dollars, you can become an indispensable participant in changing our community, and our world! You can join our Love Education Team! So, consider this an "investment" in the world, and in your own good karma!

The show will bring education in the fields of psychology, philosophy, spirituality, religion, metaphysics, nature, cults, parapsychology, extraterrestrials, and all related fields. It will be a captivating and fascinating presentation, to educate all people. You are sure to enjoy it! Part of the show's design will depend on questions asked by those who call in.

No one can act alone to accomplish a great goal! So, we simply cannot perform this great educational enterprise without your help! And we can write up a contract that will ask for only five dollars per week, so as not to burden our friends such as you. We want to make it super-easy! So, won't you please consult with your interior soul/Spirit, and your family, about supporting this most worthy and noble cause? It is the very best thing that can possibly be done with timenergy, or with money!


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