Saturday, August 27, 2005

Love and Freedom


You wrote, "To join your effort and make the show belong to me, reflect my perspectives and true values, I think from your more recent newsletters and comments from you and Ron on the radio show, would put our outlooks in conflict." We do not want "conflict." We are simply not interested. Our only area of interest is getting at, and sharing, the truth. We insist on freedom for all viewpoints. The show will not be designed to reflect the outlook or views of any particular person, but, as explained in the email ("Change the World"), will be designed to reflect the views of "the people," so sadly ignored by so many political leaders.

There is a great tsunami of people in this country, and around the world, who hold dear a more progressive perspective than that supported by the rightwing extremists who now hold power. This is not, however, reducible to a merely "political" issue. For it involves human beings and their needs. It involves specifically the conflicts between greed and compassion, and a horrible, bloody war and peace. It has literally been a matter of life or death for the 114,000 victims who have been slaughtered by the war-machine. The views shared need not put us in "conflict," my friend, unless you decide that it is so.

For we prefer the Way of freedom, which allows each fully to express her opinions and views. For however much one might like some of the policies of the current administration, its policy of pursuing war is antispiritual, and so was its attack on a defenseless third-world country, in which its "shock and awe" campaign massacred over one hundred thousand lives of mostly innocent children, women, and men. The murderous campaign has also needlessly and unarguably slaughtered nearly two thousand American girls and boys. Also, and I would think that this would be supremely important to you, the environment has been virtually irredeemably ruined by a greed-based policy that sides always with large and polluting corporations, causing inestimable damage to Mother Earth. (The pre-1970's standards have been resurrected, which is alarming in itself.)

There is so much more that needs to be said-- all of it from a purely, truly spiritual perspective. In fact, we could go on for many pages. But the point that I wish to emphasize here is that, if people differ politically, that does not automatically make them "enemies." In fact, this is myopic, for political issues pass quickly, and friendships are ideally designed with eternity in view. So, as in religion, we need to give each other all the freedom, all the "breathing room," that we need. We must never fall into the divisive and destructive thinking that, "She does not agree with me, and so, is wrong," or "inferior," or, "unenlightened," or whatever.

Whatever your views about the war, two facts are apparent: The Iraqis themselves, the real "experts," feel that they have been brought little or no freedom by it. The so-called "insurgents" see themselves as simply "patriots." Many Americans would also resist a take-over of their country, and in a military way, would attack the invaders. Many have lost husbands, wives, best friends, children, and lovers; and that cannot easily be compensated by mere political slogans. And the designs of the operations imply that their underlying motives are to make the wealthy wealthier; for, during the raiding of the great museums, for example, American soldiers were guarding the oil. This demonstrates where the priorities lie. Haliburton, Becktel, and other multibillion-dollar corporations have made billions in profit from the war; and so has the Carlisle Group, involved in weapons-manufacture. As you know, Cheney is up to his eyeballs in Haliburton, and Bush has major economic interests in Carlisle.

But back to the real and deeper issues: Friendship should be much stronger than demands for conformity. I must admit that I am astonished that you, a lady of so much progressive and forward-looking thought, find "conflict" with any of our peace-oriented, antigreed views. But, of course, we give you complete freedom, from our perspective, to think however and whatever you choose. Freedom, the gift of the Goddess, should be treasured, not disdained. It should maximize Love, and our
planet's quest for Love, and for higher consciousness, the antimaterialistic worldview. I know that you are a taurus, but highly recommend maximum elasticity and flexibility. Please, let's stay in touch, my dear friend.

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