Saturday, August 27, 2005

Modern Political "Christian" Hypocrites


We consider ourselves generic "Christians." For we respect and accept as truth the bright, warm teachings of Love taught by Jesus. However, it is very sad to see how the diamonds of his bright teaching have been sullied, soiled, and dragged through the mud. We are so deeply ashamed of modern, and historical, "Christians" that we back away from them at the speed of light.

Like you, we are also shocked and dismayed by the nutty hypocrisy of the modern political hypocrites who use Jesus' name in vain, profiting on their selfdisplayed "Christianity." They have proved that money and greed are their ONLY "values." They have proved this by murdering over 112,000 innocent human beings, Iraqi children, women, and men, and nearly two thousand American girls and boys. When the greatest historical treasures in the world were being looted, these kids were stationed to guard the oil. This is whaere the hearts of these guys are, for, as Jesus wisely said, "Where your heart is, there is your treasure." These greedy fanatics care nothing about compassion or justice. Beyond any particle of any tiniest doubt, they have demonstrated very publicly, and unquestionably, that money is much more important than people. They will not hesitate to murder if a dollar is involved. In fact, they mercilessly slaughter, and massacre!

This antispiritual, ignorant, and filthy guiding principle is leading them and their dim-witted American followers down a dark and murky trail of extreme karmic pain ("hell-states"), and nothing short of awakening to Love can help. But it is impossible for greed, being fear, to coexist with Love, in the same heart.

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