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The best way to "produce" spiritually is to "allow" it, not to force it. The enlightened "plays" her way through life, an acronym that stands for the methods of the Way: Permits, Lets, Allows, Yields, and Surrenders. We are all here-- were born and created-- to learn to "channel" the Holy Spirit of Love.

That having been said, however, I feel that I must be honest with you: I have read over fifty books, and have listened to hundreds of "channeling" sessions by dozens of channelers, on tape. I have even gone to see a few.

After years of careful, openminded study, in which no preconceived notions were taken, I have come to the conclusion that, in most cases, nothing extraordinary or "spectacular" is actually happening with channeling.

At times, people do allow the deeper Unconscious to speak through them. This is excellent, as God dwells as Lovemind deep in that Unconscious. But there is zero reliable, replicable, observational, or experiential (experimental) evidence that these people are in touch with extraterrestrials or extradimensionals, as those terms are defined in metaphysics.

It is very easy for cults to develop around a "channeler," and, like certain so-called "gurus," they actually encourage personal followers; that is, they encourage cultism. Many are exclusive; they have the "best" presentation of truth; or the "channeled entity" is superior to others. This attitude expresses the same desperation, gullibility, and other weaknesses as other forms of cult-thinking or cult-psychology.

What would a channeler have to do to convince me that she was really channeling a superbeing? Let's suggest an extremely simple experiment: Place the channeler on one side of the stage, and light a candle at the other; then, ask the "channeled entity" to put out the flame. Child's play!

What about extraterrestrials? Ask the "channeler" to channel the solution to a math problem in high-school physics, or to solve a problem of high-school algebra or chemistry. Would they fail? Could the average channeler even read a starmap? Could the channeler explain the thermodynamics of a rocket-engine-- very "primitive" from her elevated perspective?

It never seems to occur to "true believers" to test the channelers. But when the ancient Christian mystic said, "Test the spirits," that was very good advice. Why is a channeler never put to any kind of test, despite some absurd, extravagant claims? Perhaps channelers, or their followers, actually fear this kind of test. They must, for it has never been attempted!

More tests: Ask a superbeing to change some water to wine, or aluminum to gold. Why not? Or, if she is an ancient Egyptian soul, for example, ask her to name all the pharoahs of all the dynasties of Egypt. Again, a very simple test for a "superbeing."

Channelers are often sincere people who are "playing a role" that has selfdeluded them. Am I wrong, or skeptical, or cynical, to ask for evidence? No, for I would demand equal proof of anyone making extraordinary claims. For here is the principle: The more extraordinary the claim, the more extraordinary needs to be the evidence.

So, in the confusing case of "Abraham Hicks," I would ask for similar evidence. Ask "Abraham" questions to which the answer is not known by human beings. Do not "blah blah" about "feel good" platitudes. There is a place for these, and they can feel very good. They can be uplifting.

But channeling is an ostensible opportunity to touch dramatic and exquisite sources of wisdom and knowledge, claim the channelers. Why, then, are they so limited in material? Why, for example, do they keep repeating platitudes-- and the same ones? We are talking about infinite (unlimited) creativity and knowledge here. Indeed, many "channelers" claim to channel "Michael," the very same being, but they still disagree among themselves!

Everyone, in our secular but dull world, is subconsciously eager to touch the supernatural. They will do, or believe, just about anything to make this wonderful dream come true! That is why all cults are so popular. But another important question arises: Why has no channeler ever produced anything practical for the aid and assistance of humanity? Why have they not revealed a very simple cure for cancer, a way to live three hundred years, a car-engine the size of a walnut that runs for six months on a drop of water? Why no simple method to turn pebbles into gold? Why no simple nanotech that could revolutionize the planet?

"Abraham" is confusing because the lady is not a male, but calls herself "Abraham" (not even original), and her last name is "Hicks." So, we must ask, how did the channeled entity end up with the weird name "Abraham Hicks"? Would it be too revolutionary to suggest that "Abraham" is a subconscious reference to the Biblical father of the Jehovist religion? If so, that is already a dangerous and false path!

I have more carefully studied the "Abraham Hicks" material, and analyzed it. I listened to direct tapings for several hours, and I will send along my personal analysis. When it comes to "channeling" generally, however, I think that the average intelligent person would require more than a mere claim to believe that an otherwise ordinary woman/man is "channeling" some other entity. I would love to see the smallest particle of real evidence for this fantastic claim. As you might suspect, I am a disbeliever, not on prejudice, but because no viable, real evidence of this hallucinatory claim has ever been produced. Of course, as with the other cults, reason cannot hope to reach "true believers," who are already, not convinced by reason, but only emotionally committed. Hope that you understand that friends, unlike with cults, can diverge in opinion and still be the best of friends.:)

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