Thursday, August 25, 2005

Astropsychology Notes


I have studied astropsychology for several years. When I do charts for friends, they range in length from forty to sixty pages, double-spaced. A wealth of info is available! But you must know the eight personal signs to understand the chart. Everybody has these eight signs, or parts of mind:

self-image (sun)
emotions, subconscious (moon)
public self (rising sign or ascendant)
mental qualities (mercury)
Love-nature (venus)
assertiveness (mars)
expansion, success, and good luck (jupiter)
karma and obstacles (saturn)

Each of these might be in the same sign, or in different ones. So, one person can be affected by as few as four signs, or as many as eight.

Over the years, astropsychology has aided me to know people better -- their natural
strengths and weaknesses. I do not believe that we are influenced or affected by the literal planets, as they are very distant. People who believe this do not understand that "planets" are only symbols, representing different parts of mind or personality. I believe that, when you take your first independent breath, every cell of your body, including your brain, is imprinted with the eight energies, and you have these eight all your life.

Keep reading up on astropsychology, and it will give you one more tool for success.

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