Saturday, August 20, 2005

Immoral War and Protest-Vigil


The Vigil on Fountain Square was something of a "mixed bag." The usual nice, polite, intelligent people were there. Many were activists. Much talk centered on the immorality and obscene incompetence of bush, and his having been behind the murder of over 112,000 Iraqis and nearly two thousand American girls and boys. His snobbish ignoring of Cindy Sheehan, and his general "chicken" approach to the war, fearing for his own personal safety but sacrificing so many others, was seen as the revelation of a very low, and even anti-Christian, standard of ethics. For Iraqis love their children too. By slaughtering so many citizens of this pathetic third-world country, he has ruined the international reputation of the United States. More importantly, he has ruined countless lives for decades. For people lost their fathers, mothers, lovers, children, relatives, and best friends in his "shock and awe" campaign-- nothing but the sick and sickening glorification of massacre.

About two hundred people showed up for the Vigil. But, at the last minute, it was rumored and announced that lighting candles on the Square itself was illegal, and prohibited. (Since the area was all brick and concrete, and since people light cigarettes all the time there, this seemed suspicious. Was it just a rightwing trick? Anyway, everyone wanted to be law-abiding.) So, at 7:30, no candles had been lighted, although this had been the announced time. So, Adamaria and I went to a sidewalk area, where it was said to be "legal," and lighted our two candles, and shared a moment of Love-silence for the innocents from both countries who have died excruciating and agonizing deaths in the desert. Then, we left. Our souls felt good, happy, and content!

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