Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Gold and Brownred Energies Do Battle


This world is a definite "shields up" place! Without the "psychic immune system" provided by nature, we would be in serious trouble indeed! Happily, she makes our energy-field all but impervious to penetration by negativity -- unless we voluntarily open up to it.

The mass-mind of popular acceptance is largely an energic and pathological function. When people gather and/or agree, they voluntarily open their fields to others; the strong -- usually the mean and stupid -- can then dominate. This is the "dark magic" of fools and demagogues. This is the subconscious secret tapped by Hitler, Lenin, Saddam, Bush, and others.

That is why it is so important for the people of Love and Light to create a counter-energy. We create bright golden flames and clouds of energy to resist and annihilate their orange-brown forces, which trigger the lower chakral forces, and make them still sicker. Happily, this form of mental wellness is "catching," and one person can spread it to dozens or hundreds of people, even strangers in passing!

We must balance awareness of the dark world with the bright happiness of spiritual wellness and joy! We do not want to bury our heads in the sand and just keep up the mindless mantra, "Everything is good" -- even though that is the truth! We must be aware of the conflict between the two forces in this world of dualism, and do all that we can to reinforce and strengthen the gold force of Love against the rusty brown-red of anger, hatred, violence, and ignorance. There is no doubt that these two forces are in continuous battle.

You ask how this incredible negativity of mindless conformity is possible. This destructive mindset enters through the lower nature -- that collection of weaknesses and ignorance that constitute the pull of the "humanimal" mind. Much of this is biological, in which human souls mistake themselves for animals, and thus, become scared, and greedy. The war, and all wars, are about this nature, also called the "fearnature." That murky brown-red force thrives on fear, and will incline people to create fear at absolutely every opportunity. Although not alive, this force, like the gold, works through minds.

Deep within, we all have a reservoir of gold force which we can tap. True prayer, clearmind, stillmind, crystalmind, allows for a clear channel for the unimpeded Flow of this golden healing energy. It becomes more powerful and brighter anytime that it is tapped by anyone. And within us all lies an unlimited galaxy of this brilliant force. It is Love, and its dark cloudy opposite fear.

The popular groupmind is largely founded in, and upon, fear. It is destructive, and drains lifenergy. Throughout the whole of history, the majority has always been wrong, or on the side of conservative fear. This is what keeps them "uptight," and ruins any hope for the ability to think clearly or independently.

You were blessed to be able to discern the mechanics and dynamics of this dark force. The crowd is the worst role-model, and a nightmarish master!

Let us determine, then, to become golden "stars" in the galaxy of Love, shining brightly with that golden force of Love, dissolving the dark force of fear wherever and whenever it is encountered. For fear is the true root of all forms of mental imbalance and illness, and only the shimmering gold of Love can neutralize and erase the brownorange flames of ignorance and violence. So, keep up your walk on the Way, my friend, and keep on shining!

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