Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Following Love to Help Another


It is important during a crisis-period that a person receive validation and approval, as well as aid, from those who love her/him. Joe [pseudonym] is doubly blessed to have your sweet, understanding, and kind assistance through his present crisis. That is why, in your words, "The visit proved most productive for Joe's healing."

Like all of us, Joe is continuously healing himself internally. Life on earth means that we all need this interior healing. A diagnosis of formal pathology can simply make us aware of this need, turn our attention to consciously cooperating with it. It was so nice to see him relax, get into the swing or rhythm of sharing his accounts of his journeys in the northwest, and recall those fun and beautiful memories. This was also, btw, therapy for him!

You write, "It is difficult to have the responsibility to care for a mental illness. After it is out in the open and can no longer be denied, true healing begins. I think Joe had suffered greatly by keeping this hidden for too long. I think it is by the Grace of Love and part of Joe's soul's agenda to have revealed this illness to loving and caring people." It is absolutely indispensable to have friends who will not judge you as worthless, or worth less, because you are struggling with mental adaptations. Earth is very tough, and we all need to be extending our hands in helpful friendship to each other. No one needs to act "superior"! We are all in this mess called "earthlife" together, and we succeed only when we finally develop compassion, and then, actively cultivate it!

You continue, "Do you realize the freedom that has brought [him]!! Wow! Freedom to act in the right direction." Joe is blessed to have a good, solid friend such as yourself standing by his side during this time of special weakness, vulnerability, and crisis.

You write, "Joe wants me to help him pick out a psychiatrist through his work's medical plan. We will be doing that today." If you can find a psychiatrist with gentleness and understanding, she or he can be a real asset in healing, especially if Joe must go the pharmacology-route.

You write, "I will be supporting him as a friend in order to help him get started. I... will not slam the door on someone, who is trying to help himself. I can not and will not turn my back on Love." Good for you! You are a stable, dependable, reliable friend! This is precisely what people whose lives are in flux need! You are acting in Love and moderation by refusing to see Joe in black-and-white terms. An undeveloped scorpio might say, "He must be my boyfriend and lover, or he must be nothing in my life." But, of course, viewed reasonably, there are a thousand shades of friendship that can be shared with Joe-- ranging through an entire spectrum, ranging from intensity and intimacy, to a "hands off" approach. The two of you, as adults, must define what kind, level, or power of friendship that you are going to create between yourselves. You should be aware of this, so that you can define and
defend your boundaries, if and when necessary.

You write, "I know (first hand) what its like to struggle with keeping on solid ground and placing mental health as top priority. I, also, know what it is like to be judged for having a mental disorder, but I know the Glory of not being judged." When you add this compassion and understanding to your capricorn solidarity, you create the "magic" of healing!

You write, "You have to recall in the beginning of our friendship. You were on your death-bed and helping me through manic episodes!!" Yes, I remember those visits and phone-calls. But we love to think that you are the fine woman that you are today, partly because of the Love that was invested in you then, and that Love is still, every day, being invested in our sweet friendship. And, because we are "family," it is a very profound and beautiful friendship! That is why we so treasure it!

You write, "Good God! I'll never forget yours and Maria's help through those troubled times. Maria was so sweet and loving. You, both, helped me to see I needed medication and how important it was to Love yourself and stay on the medication." Yes, and we would never recommend that a person drop, or ignore, medication that might help her or him restore homeostasis (balance) to the mind.

You write, "And as long as I live, If I have the opportunity to help someone, the way you, two, helped me, then by God I will help. Because that is what it is all about!" Here, you hit the bull's eye, the very Center of the target. It is compassion towards which all of life continuously pushes us!

You write, "Joe has shown that he is willing to cooperate with helping himself, I will support him as a friend." I think that it is great, and very wise, to take a "Taoist" perspective of doing as much "flogoing" as possible. You do not have to force anything; to do so, in fact, might cause harm.

You write, "I will try and take it a step at a time and trust my soul, heart, but ultimately [allow] Love to lead the way. I will let Love be the master and I will be the free follower." This is supreme and unquestionable wisdom of the highest order! If you honestly follow Love, it is impossible to go wrong!

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