Monday, June 06, 2005

Why Is There Earth?


The question that you ask, "Why does the earth exist?" is one of the oldest and most asked inquiries in the history of spirituality.

My way is the Way of realism. I do not ask you to believe anything "on simple faith," if it does not make sense to you. You owe it to yourself to "prove," or at least, seek evidence for, a philosophy that makes sense to you. In order to be accepted into my philosophy, an idea must be reasonable (in harmony with known facts) and loving.

The "Homeworld" (what Christians usually call "heaven") is our true home, as its name implies. No one lives permanently on earth; we are only visiting it. It is a school.

We need a school because, even in the Homeworld, we are not "perfect." There, our lightbodies and minds function perfectly-- without disease or flaw, but "perfection" is more: Perfection is also the fullest spiritual or cosmic education.

Our most important lesson is Love. In the Homeworld, everyone loves everyone. But, like any other lesson, the lessons of Love require tests or "exams." As beautiful and sweet as the Homeworld is, it never gives us an opportunity to test ourselves. For it is not a schoolworld such as earth. It is a pleasureworld.

From the immense, enormous, gigantic cosmic perspective of the soul, a visit to earth is exactly like going to a movie. We go to movies because of what they can teach us, but also because they are exciting. But we are not terrified to go to the movies, because even horror-flicks cannot possibly hurt us.

The soul knows that it cannot possibly be harmed in this "virtual" dream of earth, or "movie." Nothing that happens to you can harm the core-Self, your soul. (The soul is the "higher Self," deep in your Unconscious; this is the true Self, the one that lives in the Homeworld before birth, and that survives biological death.)

Earth exists because, eons ago, human beings fell into a kind of amnesia. We forgot that we were nonphysical, immortal, Love-filled beings called "souls." We started to believe that we were simple "animals," or biological creatures. (The Mind is not biological, and we are minds, not bodies.)

When people fell into this karmic amnesia, they set the terrible "wheel of karma" spinning. This nightmare is symbolized in the Bible by Cain's having killed his brother Abel. Due to the immense force of karma, souls are forced to return to earth. If it were not for this power-energy, no one would ever come here! But it is an irresistible power.

Over the ages, most have built up a significant "karmic debt," and life on earth is the only way to "pay off" that debt. Each act of goodness, kindness, and selfsacrifice not only creates "good karma" for the future, but also erases "bad karma" from the past. Someday, you, I, and everyone else will have worked off all karma. Then, we will have fully entered a complete recognition of grace. (All creatures are already "covered," one hundred percent, by "grace"-- God's total Love and forgiveness. But all do not realize this. God holds absolutely nothing against us. God does not create karma; we do that to ourselves. So, we are here to perfect and polish total selforgiveness. (Karma is maya, or illusion, like the rest of this world. It is all a very vivid, very convincing, dream.)

Although the world is not absolutely real, the Mind is. So, when the world causes the mind to change, that change is forever. The world is designed to change our minds. All suffering, for example, is designed to create or elicit compassion (Love).

As a person grows spiritually, she comes to identify less and less with her egoself and more and more with her Soulself. So, as we grow, pain lessens, since we are souls that cannot be harmed or affected by anything in this world. This world can have a powerful impact on the body, and also, on even the mind. But it cannot touch the soul.

These are just a few thoughts. Your question is so cosmic that it cannot possibly be addressed in an email-- or even, several hundred emails. For this reason, I've written a couple of books about this very question. You can read them free on the website

Please begin to read the one called Journey to the Center of the Soul, as on every page, it addresses these important inquiries.

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