Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Control, or Letting It Be


Vernon Howard is a big-time "positive thinker" from way back. Decades ago, some of his stuff was read-- and rather voraciously, at that. He seems to believe that the cosmos is somehow forced into control by the conscious mind, if the "formula" is just right. This is as delusional as an ant trying to lift and carry an elephant. Still, this kind of thinking is amazingly and magnetically attractive to the fearnature. We fear the cosmos, in a kind of cosmophobia, fearing to let it take its own course, guided by only the great Mind, Tao, or God. If we have no faith in this Power, we then must "take over," and run everything ourselves. The placid, pleasant course of spiritual relaxation and trust is so much more satisfying! That is the essence of much of our teaching: Perfect faith is perfect relaxation. Again, running the entire cosmos is overload, like an ant trying to direct a whole herd of elephants!:)

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