Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Money or Human Life?


Fine dreams of total social improvement look wonderful on paper, but all cost money. So, the nuclear problem of initiating such great dreams goes even more deeply into human psychology: Everything depends on what we value. That is, in turn, decided by our education.

Here on earth, the situation is shameful. In history and policy, we often are analogous to a "planet of the apes," for our policies and actions are so conservative and backwards as to be actually antiprogressive. At the moment, we value only dollars (or their economic equivalents). We value gold over God-- money over compassion, over and above human life. The death of 112,000 mostly innocent Iraqis demonstrates beyond the shadow of any reasonable doubt that the administration values oil and money far above human freedoms and rights.

As long as money has the unqualified priority above human welfare, this utter greed will remain with us, as it has been among the rich and powerful for millennia.

But a new age is coming,and we stand right now at its threshold. That new age begins with YOU and me. It all starts with the right kind of education; for we are what we learn. We all need to educate ourselves thoroughly in the artscience of "agapology," the psychology of compassion (or Love). That is why we write, publish, and promote books designed precisely to educate people in agapology. For everything starts right now, and everything starts with your decision to selfeducate.

The world will, and can, change only after we change who and what we are.

Fulltime devotion to spiritual education can make it happen! Please spread the good word of liberty and liberation!

The following was sent by one of our most brilliant and socially aware

Inspiration came... to add some comments and "dreams" about how we might go about building a better world. The impulse was felt to share the writing with you...

If you believe the War in Iraq was (is) necessary and inevitable, this message is not for you. And, in that case, please, disregard it. But you might consider just reading the part I wrote about some of my dreams for a "better world", anyway. I imagine that we would be "on the same page" in that regard....I am an "Independent" voter, not a Democrat. But I thought this update might be of interest to free thinkers and sincere souls that long to find intelligent and effective, compassionate ways to build a more equitable and peaceful world for ALL. I know we are a VERY LONG way from erradicating countless global deaths from curable diseases and from hunger, and from abuse of power and exploitation of every conceivable type. But we have to start somewhere! Right? To paraphrase: a journey of one thousand miles begins with the first step.

Here are some fantasies of how to create a "better World". It is understood, of course, that it would take decades to accomplish the goals stated or implied by my dreams! No kidding!! :))

1) The US decides to create a "Department of Peace" that will focus on eliminating global illiteracy, overpopulation, and the deliberate exploitation of one nation (its people and resources) for the express material benefit of another; in effect, changing the current acceptability of the "First World vs. Third World" concept to a "One World" family consciousness; 2) The US establishes that the "Department of Justice's mission is to construct and oversee a plan to eliminate hunger in collaboration with other industrialized nations within a defined amount of years; 3) The National Institute of (Mental) Health starts an initiative to eradicate from our cultural values the notion that "materialism" and "progress" or "being civilized" are synonimous and that "multitasking" or incessantly "doing" is synonimous with "accomplishment" or "self-worth" :); 4) A Department of EmPOWERment is created and its mission is a total commitment to developing alternative sources of energy so that our energy needs may be met without the ultimate depletion of the Earth's soil and its resources and the poisoning of its waters and its oceans thus, ultimately, saving ourselves! 5) The international definition of "Violation of Human Rights" code is updated to include as "genocide" any/all institutionalized, ritualized and systematic violence that women everywhere are still experiencing today from the ubiquitous "domestic violence" in the US and most other nations to the acid burnings of wives and fire burnings of widows in Middle Eastern countries and in India, to the clitoral/vaginal mutilation of little girls in Africa, and the discarding of female babies by roadsides in China or in orphanages, to name some examples; 6) The Department of Foreign Policy in collaboration with the US Department of Health & HS, the CDC, Physicians Without Boundaries, the World Health Organization and other agencies and governments makes it part of its policy/mission to erradicate curable diseases in poorer nations. Thus, it makes it a top priority to bring together all these parties to work together toward this goal. The DFP makes a commitment to finance existing (and new) organizations in bringing healthcare (doctors, nurses, supplies) to poorer nations and to help finance the training of doctors, nurses, and aids in US schools and by providing materials to build hospitals (and supplies to run them) in poorer countries; 7) The Department of Agriculture in collaboration with other nations makes it a top priority to encourage and facilitate education and incentive for earth-friendly farming practices at home and abroad and to financially support existing (and new) organizations with a mission to provide materials, seeds and live stock to small farmers and fishermen in villages throughout the developing world to enable them to
feed themselves; 8) The Department of Tourism in collaboration with other governments and environmental groups commits funding and education to assist nations and groups whose livelihood depends on the killing of precious wildlife and endangered species, to substitute those activities with viable practices that generate income from tourism.

What are YOUR dreams? Would love to hear from you.

Love, Ramona

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