Friday, June 10, 2005

Sweet Letter from a Very Special Friend


Your [radio] message yesterday (Sunday) was super, as usual. "Enough" is certainly a good rule by which to live. Greed has become so rampant these days, and I have to wonder if it isn't, maybe, the downside of capitalism. But, I guess it's just part of the "human catastrophe," as Zorba would say, that has always been with us.

Last night's program was great, too, and [my husband] loved what you said(and I paraphrase), that 'it doesn't matter how much education or how many degrees a person lays claim to, it has little bearing on his/her level of spiritual understanding. It just blows us away that so many of our leaders (community, government, etc) with all their education and experience, file into church every Sunday like "sheeple," and come out with hearts and minds still full of hatred and intolerance. How can a
person run a corporation, much less a nation, without an ounce of spiritual awareness?! So much for "religion."...

Anyway, as we were sitting there [at church] listening to you, Sunday, noticed that you had the most beautiful aura around you. So bright. Last night, after we listened to you and Ron, I got to thinking about it, again. "He was glowing just like a diamond." Then, the word "facet" came to mind, which led to thinking about body, soul, spirit. Next thing you know, I'd written a poem about our dear friend.... It's almost as hard to put a title on thoughts and feelings as it is to pin a label on God, which is a label in itself. So, here it is, in all its unpolished spontaneity...:.

Beautiful spirit,
Nameless cosmic dancer,
You are the all in one
And one with all,
Boundless mindstuff,
Joyous creator,
Everlasting love.

Sweet ancient soul,
Tempered by lifetimes,
Although the path
Be fraught with challenges,
You play like a happy otter
‘Mongst the stars.
What fun to swim in Love!

Beloved [friend],
Gentle mystic visitor,
The Light indwells, surrounds you,
Radiates to all
Who share your space.
How blest are we
To call you teacher, mentor, friend!


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