Friday, June 24, 2005

The Lord of Love


It usually takes decades for people, under extreme social and psychological pressures, to develop a rabid, extreme, or out-of-control fear of God. This can be spiritually catastrophic! Obviously, this cannot be corrected overnight. It can take years to accommodate fullest recovery. But it is vital to get started right now!

There are steps that you can take right away, to at least begin your recovery: Stay away from people who believe that God is psychotic, brutal, evil, or murderous. Instead, find friends who know that God is Love-- loving, tranquil, the Fountain of all good and blessings. These people might be harder to find, but they are well worth the effort! So, please strive to replace all your old "friends" with friends of higher intelligence, sensitivity, and quality. One friend of wisdom is worth
more than thirty in ignorance.

Also, do not expose yourself to religious propoganda and programs randomly. Turn off the radio/tv if you sense, or know, that its message will be of the "god" of terror and horrors.

Stay away from churches and religions that promote fear.

Seek out faiths that support, enhance, and strengthen Love. For your convenience, we meet once every two weeks in Liberty Township, Ohio. If you are within driving-distance, we would all welcome you to come. Every two weeks, we have uplifting, positive, encouraging discussions of a God of pure Love, pure Light, pure goodness, uncontaminated by the hate-filled traditional religious views.

On a positive note, read, and reread, as often as possible, spiritual books that emphasize the pure God of Love. Several are available, free, on my website:

If you want to order actual physical books, that can be easily arranged. Fill your mind continuously with the studies of the Lord of Love, peace, and forgiveness. As often as possible, talk to this interior Lord in prayer. Affirm to yourself the Lord's Love, justice, kindness, forgiveness, and wisdom. Get a Concordance to the Bible, and do a word-study on the word "love," and you will find many affirmative statements. Focus on only the New Testament, since it is filled with the Lord of Light, while the Old Testament is usually about a completely different "god," the harmful, destructive Jehovah-myth. Christianity was started by Jesus Christ because this ancient Hebrew "god" was mistaken.

Keep writing emails to me, and to others who believe in a God of stainless and infinite Love. All good people will do anything that they (we) can to help you overcome the interior "hell" of a "god" of fear, torture, Lovelessness, and nightmare.

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