Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Pneumariumfamily and Our Code of Respect


Love impels the writing of this article. For honest communications among friends is an indispensable aspect of Love.

We in the Pneumariumfamily always welcome everyone into our little family. You should know that the Pneumarium actually serves some of the purposes of a church, synagogue, or mosque for our mystical family. In other words, it is a holy place. Of course, it is the Presence of Love alone that makes it so.

We all have very great respect for the place, and for the "energy" of Love there that makes it so very special. We come together to share some intellectual understandings. But, more importantly, we come together to share real Love, and tranquility, peace, and serenity, as well. This is very important.

As you probably know, mystics have no doctrinal structures or dogma. Each mystic is encouraged, by any good teacher, to discover the truth within herself. And the details of this "truth" might well vary from one mystic to another. There is no conformity or homogeneity among mystics. Nor is it even desirable that mystics embrace a "one size fits all" or "cookie-cutter" philosophy. Nature herself loves variety. Notice the ten thousand varieties of stars, and the equal number of

But we do all agree on Love, as nuclear to our sanity, peace, and happiness. We also agree on any quality that supports and nourishes Love, including courtesy. (We have spoken about this subject many times.)

Anyone is absolutely free, at the Pneumarium, to believe anything that she wishes. She is also free to express her beliefs, without restrictions or limitations of any kind.

But we do have a "code" that we try honestly to follow. It is the code of respect. In the two-year-plus history of the Pneumariumfamily, no one has ever been deliberately or maliciously disrespectful of another.

You are welcome to join us at any of our gatherings. You are also welcome to express any opinion, publicly, to the whole family.

We all follow the code of honor, respect, and courtesy that maintains the peace in our family. We all follow a policy of not using belligerent or dismissive, not to mention disrespectful, language in our many interactions in the Pneumarium.

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