Friday, June 10, 2005

Looking Within


You do have all the Power deep within your mind to alter your lifeplans, lifegoals, and lifedesign. (I am a "lifedesign consultant" as well as a "psychospiritual advisor," so these issues are my psychological specialty.:) In fact, my work is in a new field of psychology called "agapology"-- the effects of Love on our selfimages, relationships, and lives.

It is to the fine profession of either psychology or social work that the interior Love-nature (Goddess) is calling you. And it is wonderful that you are now concentrating on your studies! That is precisely what you need to do at this time (phase or cycle) of your life. (You can handle other issues later.)

Deep within your mind is a great pool of wisdom, beauty, intelligence, goodness, and, most of all, Love. To get in touch with this interior Power, some form of meditation is necessary. While you are still on your way to developing a lifedesign, you can accept input from anyone who is trustworthy. But never take it for granted that a person is trustworthy simply because she belongs to a church. Both the wise and the unwise belong to churches.

And I feel much as you do when it comes to organized religion and churches. If going to a church, or joining one, would betray your spirituality, it would do incredible, untold damage to your selfimage and selfesteem. It would set you back many years on your path, and so, it is not recommended for you.

By good reading, meditation, and studying your dreams (only three of many methods), you can learn to solve your own problems with reason and Love.

(All Love begins with selflove.)

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