Friday, June 10, 2005

Evolution and Design


As is true of nature on many levels, including the emotional, psychological, and spiritual, very complex systems do indeed evolve from the cumulative aggregation of very simple actions (atomic) and principles.

For me, however, it is still anti-intuitive, as well as anti-logical, to picture (visualize) the cell having just evolved from random molecules just drifting around aimlessly. Evolutionists have argued, with straight faces, that ten thousand monkeys, typing continually, would sooner or later produce a copy of the Encyclopedia Britannica. The nuclear fact that they conveniently delete is that all those monkeys could well type forever without ever producing anything coherent.

The single cell is more complex than the encyclopedia, if letters represent atoms and their correct arrangements symbolize atomic and molecular sequential reactions.

I do not believe that a "big daddy in the sky" directed the process of evolution. But I cannot help but think that some kind of ordering process exists within the cell. The cell was, from the protocell, guided by internal processes superordinate to molecular movements. Some "molecutropic" force orchestrated and choreographed the ultracomplex "dance" of molecules, and still does. Sequential and complex molecular reactions often require nanoseconds (billionths of a second) in timing, to coordinate the cytoprocesses. For lack of a better term, we might call this ordering principle "intelligence." Or, at least, we are forced to call the results "design." The astounding, amazing, mindboggling beauty of the life-dance moves the intelligent mind to recognize Mind in bioproducts and bioprocesses.

I believe that evolution is true. But I do not believe in its most reductionistic, simplistic, materialistic presentation of purely "random" processes. I believe that the process was (warning: bad word coming) teleological. That means that, from the beginning, it was designed to produce forms of life that could be intelligent-- but, even more importantly, spiritual. I believe that some of the ancient "gods" were xtraterrestrial biologists, and that earth was their biolab. At critical junctions, they made important alterations in dna that would result in the final evolution of dolphins, whales, elephants, and other sentient and potentially spiritual beings.

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